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Crimson Care offers an opportunity for students to practice clinical skills, develop research projects, deliver social services and innovate clinic operations. We currently have over 300 volunteers ranging from Medical, Dental and Undergraduate students from Harvard to Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant Students from Massachusetts General Hospital Institute from Health Professions. With a diverse array of roles and positions, volunteering with CCC is a fun and rewarding experience that fosters personal growth and opportunity to make a difference in our community.


Smitha Ganeshan

Harvard Medical School and Harvard Business School
MD/MBA program Class of 2019

“I have met the most dedicated, compassionate individuals from different programs around Boston, who have challenged me to think deeply about what it means to provide team-based, inter-professional care. I will draw motivation and inspiration from my experiences at CCC as I hopefully craft a career at the intersection of health care management and clinical medicine.”

Francesca Barrett

Harvard Medical School and Harvard Business School
MD/MBA program Class of 2019

“CCC has been an incredibly rewarding experience for me. I have had the opportunity to learn how to provide comprehensive care to vulnerable patients under tutorage of extraordinary teachers. I have gained leadership and operational skills that directly impacted the efficiency and quality of care provided to our patients.”

Harrison Keyes

MGH Institute of Health Professions
Physician Assistant Studies PA-II
Class of 2018

“CCC presented an amazing opportunity to get hands on patient care experience starting in my didactic year. CCC is a great opportunity no matter how you participate, but I would recommend folks find a way to get involved at their site or at the umbrella level. The time you spend outside of class is so much more rewarding when you find a project you can put your heart into. Do it! It’s worth it!”

Albert Aba

MGH Institute of Health Professions
Direct Entry Nursing Class of 2019

“What I enjoy most about CCC is that there exists a unique opportunity for students from various disciplines to work together alongside amazing doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants from all backgrounds. Together, we thrive in a learning environment that challenge us to apply our studies into clinical care.”
Applications for the 2020-2021 volunteer cycle are now closed.

Frequently Asked Questions

*Please be advised that CCC-Chelsea and Nashua Street Jail are not currently taking volunteers*

What CCC positions do students “normally” apply for?  This will be heavily dependent on the student. Most new clinical students will apply for the JC/IC role in order to build their clinical skills. However, many will also work in non-clinical roles such as operations or research. Undergraduates apply for a variety of non-clinical roles depending on their interests.

What is the minimum commitment to work with CCC? We ask that volunteers spend one clinic night a month (at least) at a CCC site.

Can I volunteer in multiple capacities? Of course! We would love to have you volunteer with us as much as you’d like. There is a spot on the application to indicate additional positions you are interested in. Please contact the staffing director with any questions.

When is the application deadline? The 2020-2021 CCC volunteer application is now closed.

Upcoming Volunteer events:


Please contact our Med Ed Chairs for more information

  • Senior Directors

    Commitment: Variable, usually 1 clinic night/month + administrative duties
    Eligibility: Returning volunteers
    Clinic Sites: All clinic sites

    Senior Directors direct clinic sessions, assign patients to teams, make announcements, manage clinic flow, help coordinate clinic teaching and send clinic debrief emails. S/he will direct site board meetings, develop meeting agendas, coordinate meetings, take and send out meeting minutes.  S/he is responsible for follow-up on necessary action items from board meetings or clinic debriefs.  S/he will act as a liaison to one or two subcommittees, assisting committee and board members as needed.  The senior director may represent CCC at academic conferences and presentations, including orientation for new volunteers.  Assist with coordinating submissions to academic conferences.  Coordinate the development of an annual report of CCC activities, patient care, and subcommittee projects.  

    Note: Senior directors can concurrently serve as senior clinicians

  • Senior Clinician

    Commitment: 1-2 clinic nights/month (2-3 clinic nights/month at CHA)
    Eligibility: MS III or higher, DEN-2 or higher, PA-S2
    Clinic Sites: All clinic sites

    The senior clinician is a member of the clinical team, along with the junior clinician and attending. His/her role is to provide high quality, patient-centered, primary care services. In addition to evaluating patients, the senior student will be paired with a junior clinician for mentorship. Over the week s/he will be expected to stay in contact with the attending to discuss any follow-up, lab results, etc. and decide appropriate steps to take with the patient. S/he is also responsible for learning how to use the MGH OnCall/LMR and Apprentice tools (IMA, Chelsea, and Revere), RedCAP (BIDMC), the EPIC EMR system, and/or the OMR system (BIDMC).  S/he will work with the resource center to help connect patients with social services (all sites) and coordinate bridging to a permanent primary care provider (IMA and BIDMC).

  • Junior Clinician

    Commitment: 1-2 clinic nights/month
    Eligibility: MSI or MSII, DEN-1 Nurse Practitioner Students, PA Students
    Clinic Sites: CHA, BIDMC, IMA, Revere

    The junior clinician is a member of the clinical team along with a senior clinician and an attending. His/her role is to assist the clinical team in providing high quality, patient-centered, primary care services to each patient. On each night of CCC clinic operation, the junior clinician will be assigned patients to accompany throughout the entire CCC experience, from the waiting room all the way through to the patient check-out at the end of the visit. The junior student is responsible for measuring vital signs, taking the history, and assisting with any other tasks that s/he is comfortable with learning. At the CHA site, Junior Clinicians will also be responsible for assisting with group visit activities and curricula.

    Integrated Clinician

    Commitment: 1 clinic night/month; 1 follow-up meeting/month; outreach work as needed; (for Cambridge) 1 education OR clinic night/month + 2 meetings/month
    Eligibility: All Clinical students

    Clinic Sites: Chelsea, Nashua, BHCHP

    Integrated Clinicians (IC) duties in clinic include taking patients’ vital signs, interviewing patients for elements of the medical and social history, conducting an intake survey, screening for patients’ social services needs, and making social services “referrals” to local community organizations. Outside of clinic, ICs meet in small teams to make follow-up phone calls to their patients.  The aim of follow-up phone calls is to strengthen clinical and social care as well as to provide motivational support and information to patients.

  • Mental Health Clinician

    Commitment: 1 clinic night/month
    Eligibility: Any clinical student
    Clinic Sites: Chelsea and Nashua

    Mental Health Clinicians (MHCs) are students who work alongside psychiatry residents at MGH Chelsea and NSJ to provide mental health care to patients. At Chelsea, proficiency in Spanish is recommended, but not required.

  • Research

    Commitment: 1 clinic night every 3 weeks; 2-4 hr/week of research; 1 committee meeting/month
    Eligibility: All welcome
    Clinic Sites: All clinic sites (except for IMA and Revere)

    The CCC Research Committee is responsible for designing and implementing investigative, descriptive, and quality improvement research at CCC clinics. Research Volunteers are integral in helping develop a research agenda for CCC to understand the patient population we serve, the quality of care that they receive, and the educational experience of CCC students. RV activities may include collecting and analyze clinical and demographic data in clinic, conduct of chart reviews, conduct of patient intake surveys, analysis of electronic medical record data or evaluation of educational initiatives. . RVs have a great opportunity to develop their own research ideas and implement their own projects in quality improvement.

    All volunteers participating in research will be required to attend a research Seminar at the start of their research term.

    Additional site-dependent responsibilities include carrying out initiatives to assess patient satisfaction with the care provided by CCC, producing quality improvement report cards on student clinician performance, and shadowing clinical teams. Finally, RVs are instrumental in the analysis and presentation of data at local and national conferences and publication of manuscripts. This position will provide students with skills in survey design, survey research, primary data collection, data management, research study design, quality assurance, and results presentation.

  • Social Services

    Commitment: Board meetings, trainings, and outreach work as needed
    Eligibility: All welcome
    Clinic Site: CHA, Chelsea

    The Social Services team is dedicated to addressing the social determinants of our patient’s health. The social services committee supports clinicians in making referrals to community resources like heating assistance, food pantries, and ESL classes. We are looking for committee members to provide leadership in 1) training and supporting clinicians in their resource advocate roles 2) helping manage an ongoing assessment of our services, and 3) building relationships with community organizations.

  • Operations

    Commitment: 1 clinic night per month, committee meetings 2x/semester, 1-2 hours of committee work per week
    Eligibility: All welcome

    Operations at Crimson Care Collaborative aims to 1) support clinics in designing and implementing quality improvement projects and 2) evaluate the impact of these efforts on optimizing patient care. Projects come with opportunities for developing skills at the intersection of quality improvement and healthcare management, including working closely with clinic leadership to pilot improvement ideas, collecting and analyzing results, presenting at local and national conferences, and translating results into new clinic standards that further improve clinic flow.

    Previous efforts have focused on the integration of an iPad-based Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) system into the clinic workflow and Epic infrastructure at various CCC clinics, as well as the introduction of a text messaging system for patient communications. Work has also begun to implement a standardized patient tracker across all clinic sites to better collect data and leverage that information to produce useful insights.

    Volunteers will work closely with the Operations Director and leadership at individual sites. Specific responsibilities and activities include:

    • Attending board meetings for individual sites implementing new operations projects
    • Coordinating with various Partners IT teams to support CCC projects
    • Attending clinic nights to assist with the implementation of new operations projects
    • Collaborating with research teams to evaluate operations projects
  • Administrative Manager

    Commitment: 1 clinic night/week every 3-4 weeks
    Eligibility: All welcome
    Clinic Sites: IMA, Revere, BIDMC

    The role of the Administrative Manager is to maintain the practice’s flow each clinic night, functionally acting as the “junior director” for the shift. S/he arrives to clinic early and works with the senior director to ensure that all patients for the evening have been assigned to clinical teams and that the online tracking spreadsheet has been updated to reflect these assignments. S/he tracks patient arrival times, hands off the chart to the clinical teams as the patients are ready to be seen, and monitors their progress through the clinic flow on the online tracking spreadsheet. S/he consults closely with the senior director to ensure that the flow of events is properly occurring each clinic night.

    At IMA, Administrative Managers also work with the administrative front desk staff to ensure that all the charts have been printed out and prepared properly for the evening.

    At BIDMC, the Administrative Manager will also work with senior directors and the operations committee to measure operational efficiency and develop projects to improve clinic flow. In addition, they will assist the patient recruitment committee in collecting appointment outcome data and calling prospective patients to offer clinic appointments.

    At Revere, administration managers are expected to arrive about 5-10 minutes early to clinic (like all volunteers) and are critical for coordinating the clinic flow. Additionally, Revere volunteers will be offered the opportunity to join the clinical team to observe and participate in the oral presentation made to the attending physician, Dr. Yousif, and then to shadow Dr. Yousif’s visit with one of the patient’s that evening. The goal of this position is to offer shadowing experience and broader clinical exposure to non-clinical students, including undergraduates.

    Resource Manager

    Commitment: 1 clinic night/week every 3-4 weeks
    Eligibility: All welcome
    Clinic Sites: IMA, Revere

    At IMA, Resource managers care for patients holistically by providing with them with social services and helping them find a primary care provider who meets their needs. Resource managers have the opportunity to witness a patient-doctor encounter and administer social services afterwards. Furthermore, they can perform research on the wealth of clinic data that has been collected over the years. 

    At Revere, the Resource Manager will work with patient families and the clinical teams to identify potential resources and referrals for the patients. This position may also work on projects with the CCC Umbrella and Resource team.

  • Medical Education Committee

    Commitment: 1-2 meetings/month
    Eligibility: All welcome
    Clinic Sites: BIDMC

    The student education committee develops the curriculum for training students and oversees the layout and scheduling of pre-clinic didactic and training sessions. Pre-clinic didactics are comprised of lectures on the management of chronic diseases. Committee members will have the opportunity to help design new and innovative teaching forums including journal clubs, skill training sessions, and case conferences. Additionally they will be an integral part of helping to recruit and work with residents and faculty at BIDMC from various fields. Great for students interested in medical education.

    Interprofessional Education Committee

    Commitment: 1-2 meetings/month
    Eligibility: All welcome
    Clinic Sites: BIDMC

    The IPE committee develops IPE-specific didactics, organizes clinic operations for IPE nights, develops and analyzes IPE survey data, and liaisons with leadership from the many different programs that make up CCC. We have been working on integrating an IPE curriculum across our 7 sites. We expect to publish and present the data collected from this project in the upcoming year, and IPE Chairs may be involved in this.

  • Chronic Care and Patient Engagement Committee

    Commitment: 1-3 meetings/month
    Eligibility: All welcome
    Clinic Sites: BIDMC

    The Chronic Care and Patient Engagement Committee works to develop and refine innovative care models to improve chronic disease management and patient care. The committee may work on patient recruitment and retention in the clinic, develop resources and handouts for patients, and become involved in the management and analysis of our health coaching program.

  • Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Initiative

    Commitment: 1-3 meetings/month
    Eligibility: All welcome
    Clinic Sites: Nashua

    The Substance Use Disorder (SUD) initiative at Nashua Street Jail is a student-led program that teaches detainees who struggle with substance use disorders about opioid addiction, available treatments, relapse prevention, and community resources. No prior experience or knowledge about substance use disorders is necessary, only a curiosity to learn! The training process involves individual review of online resources (about 6 hours), an in-person group orientation session (about 2 hours), and an orientation at the jail. Teaching sessions are held on Tuesday evenings from 6:30 – 8:30 PM with two volunteers assigned to each session. There are six lessons per session, so each session is approximately 6 – 8 weeks long. Each volunteer will have the opportunity to attend 1 – 3 times per month, depending on the number of volunteers.

  • Jail-Based Education Committee

    Commitment: 1-3 meetings/month
    Eligibility: All welcome
    Clinic Sites: Nashua

    The Education Committee at Nashua Street Jail is a unique non-clinical team that meets with a group of detainees to discuss topics ranging from the opioid epidemic and mental health to nutrition and spirituality. Each week, volunteers are responsible for developing a brief, open-ended lesson on a topic of their choice. Then, volunteers work in pairs to lead the detainees through their workshop and moderate an open discussion about the chosen topic. Due to its small size, Education Committee members are able to return to the jail more frequently and thus often develop longitudinal relationships with the detainees. No clinical experience is necessary to apply!