Umbrella Board

At CCC we practice team-based care. We have several different teams that work collaboratively to help make patient visits run efficiently and smoothly. See what our teams offer.


The clinical team strives to provide high quality, patient-centered, primary care services. The clinical team is made up of a triad of Junior Clinician, Senior Clinician and Faculty Preceptor. The junior clinician, is responsible for measuring vital signs, taking the history, and assisting with any other tasks that s/he is comfortable with learning. The senior clinician is paired with a junior clinician for mentorship and works closely with the attending to discuss any follow-up, lab results, and treatment plan with the patient. The senior clinician is also responsible for writing the note in the electronic medical record. This team works together to see and treat 2-3 patients a night.


The Dental team is made up of pre-clinical and clinical dental students. The Dental team often educates other health professions students on the importance of oral hygiene and health, and how oral health directly contributes to overall health. At CCC-Chelsea the Dental team serves as “consults” focusing on oral health screenings. CCC-NSJ is provided with dental operatory so pre-clinical and clinical dental students can work with a faculty preceptor to treat patients with acute dental concerns.


CCC is a vibrant, fast-moving, and resource-rich avenue for research. Crimson Care is committed to studying the experience at Crimson Care to gain both operational insights and add substantively to the body of literature on community health and primary care. At CCC, research encapsulates hypothesis-driven studies, which can be applied to operations, medical education, and social services. Students begin at the ideation stage, develop IRB and protocols, conduct data collection and analysis, and present findings on local, state, and national forums.


We seek to provide our volunteers with both informal clinical teaching and formal didactic sessions in order to expose them to crucial lessons in primary care. Our clinical teaching is based on, a junior clinician/senior clinicin model in which senior health professional students mentor more junior students, improving their fund of knowledge and clinical skills. To complement the clinical teaching, our Education team, is designing a comprehensive curriculum and didactic teaching plan for each clinic site. The teaching plan includes general principles in primary care as well as specific lessons on how to effectively serve the unique, site-specific population. In addition to designing a CCC curriculum, our education team is engaged in research on best practices for health professional education.

Social Services

The Social Services team is dedicated to addressing the social determinants of health for our patients. Given the unique patient populations we serve, this team functions differently at each of our clinics. Overall, the social services committee supports clinicians in making referrals to community resources like heating assistance, food pantries, and ESL classes. The committee works hard to build relationships with community organizations that we can refer our patients to. Our patients are often screened for social services and these needs are addressed by the Social Services team.


The goals of Operations at the Crimson Care Collaborative are two-fold: 1) to design and implement investigative quality improvement efforts across CCC sites and 2) to evaluate the impact of these efforts on optimizing clinic flow. The committee consists of students who take the lead in carrying out innovative projects with the aim of ultimately improving the volunteer and patient experiences. Projects come with opportunities for developing skills at the intersection of operations and research, including writing and submission of IRBs, working closely with clinic leadership to pilot improvement ideas, collection and analysis of results, presentation at local and national conferences, and translation of results into new clinic standards that further improve clinic flow. This committee is ideal for students interested in quality improvement and healthcare management.