Our Organization

Mission Statement

The mission of The Crimson Care Collaborative is to provide an enriching clinical, research, and interprofessional educational environment for health professional students that exposes them to the practice of primary care in diverse communities around Boston.

Our History

Crimson Care Collaborative (CCC) is a student-faculty collaborative clinic that provides primary care services to the greater Boston population through several clinical sites.

CCC was founded in 2009 as a collaboration between Harvard Medical School students, the John D. Stoeckle Center for Primary Care Innovation, and the Internal Medicine Associates (IMA) at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, MA. As the first student-faculty collaborative practice at HMS, the clinic was created to address the challenges that many patients face while trying to find long-term primary care. These challenges include both accessing clinical care and being connected to social services to help them overcome social barriers to health.

Since its founding, the clinic has grown to a variety of sites, each serving a unique patient population: IMA, Revere, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Cambridge Health Alliance, and Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program. CCC provides educational opportunities to hundreds of volunteers across Harvard’s undergraduate and graduate populations, including Harvard College, Harvard Medical School, Harvard Dental School, and the MGH Institute of Health Professions.

Who We Are

The Crimson Care Collaborative is composed of several sites. Each of these sites collaborate and execute centralized functions through the Umbrella. Such functions include CCC-wide research and educational projects, quality improvement measurement, staffing, social media outreach, and community building activities. The Umbrella body is made up of core faculty members, student representatives from each site, and a student lead for each team. The Umbrella board is led by Student Co-Directors who are responsible for organizing board meetings, liaising with stakeholders, and supporting the work of other board members. Umbrella Co-Directors are responsible for setting long-term vision for the organization and coordinating specific programs.

Howard Libman, MD

Dr. Howard Libman

Dr. Kate Wrenn

BIDMC is a student-faculty chronic disease management and urgent care clinic which partners with primary care providers and specialists to serve patients with hypertension, diabetes mellitus and obesity. 

Our specific aims include:
(1) Delivering comprehensive chronic disease management care and identifying measurable metrics to quantify our progress toward improved health outcomes.
(2) To increase students’ knowledge base and clinical skills around the management of chronic diseases.
(3) To broaden students’ understanding of the healthcare system by engaging them in service-oriented activities, health care management, quality improvement, research, and patient education.

Our clinic is in the Shapiro Center at BIDMC, Longwood Medical Area. Please contact our offices at 617-754-9600 with any questions or concerns or to schedule an appointment. Please remember to ask for a parking voucher if you need assistance with parking.

CCC – Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Tuesday 5:00pm – 8:30pm

Carl J Shapiro Clinical Center, 6th Floor
330 Brookline Ave
02115 Boston, MA

CCC – Cambridge Health Alliance

Thursday 5:00pm – 9:00pm

Cambridge Health Alliance Union Square Family Health
26 Central Street
Somerville , MA 02143

Dr. Kirsten Meisinger

CCC CHA is based at Union Square Family Health, a patient-centered medical home that delivers innovative, team-based primary care to the Somerville Community. CCC CHA is a family medicine student-faculty collaborative, and as such will provide primary care to patients of all ages as well as women’s health. Our team aims to provide high quality care through individual and group visits to meet medical, social, and community needs.

CCC CHA completed its pilot in September 2014. We are looking for students who are enthusiastic about continuing clinic development, quality improvement, and group visit establishment. In addition, we are interested in having students who are very flexible and willing to adjust their clinic roles if needed in order to provide the best quality of care to our patients. Given our linguistically diverse population, we particularly encourage students who speak Spanish, Portuguese, and/or Haitian Creole to apply.

Dr. Kevin Sullivan

Since 1985, our mission has remained the same: to provide or assure access to the highest quality health care for all homeless men, women and children in the greater Boston area. We believe it has been and continues to be medicine that matters:

  • Vulnerable patients are kept alive and get help managing chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension and cancer
  • Dedicated clinical and non-clinical staff share their passion for a vibrant mission and support each other in bringing the mission alive
  • Generous donors find a fulfilling way to respond to the feelings of helplessness that come with concern for those on the street.
  • Shelter partners benefit from BHCHP’s medical expertise while focusing on their core mission, avoiding wasteful duplication of services.
  • Boston’s many hospitals can depend on BHCHP as an alternative to the emergency room as well as a safe discharge location for medically vulnerable patients.

BHCHP’s targeted, compassionate management of limited resources yields everyday successes that are a living tribute to the ideals of a just society.

CCC – Boston Healthcare for the homeless

Hours: TBD

Location: Boston Night Center 31 Bowker St Boston, MA 02114

CCC – MGH Internal Medicine Associates

Tuesday 5:00pm – 8:30pm

MGH Internal Medicine Associates
15 Parkman Street 6th Floor
Boston MA, 02114

Dr. Shiri Feingold

MGH-IMA is Harvard’s first student-faculty collaborative practice and has been in full operation since October 2010. We provide primary care and social services to patients both with and without a primary care physician (PCP).

Patients with an established provider at IMA can receive after-hours urgent care. Patients without a PCP come for interim primary care services and for support in locating a permanent PCP through our Bridge-to-Care program, facilitated by our student-run Resource Center.

Our practice aims to (1) provide affordable, high quality health care and health education to people in Greater Boston without a primary care doctor, (2) serve as a bridge to social services and long-term primary care, and (3) provide students with practical exposure to interdisciplinary, systems-based, primary care delivery.

Dr. Neda Yousif

Founded in April 2012, CCC Revere Pediatrics is a pediatric primary care clinic run out of the MGH Revere HealthCare Center. We provide pediatric primary care to an ethnically diverse and predominantly lower socioeconomic status population.

Our practice aims to (1) provide affordable, high quality health care to pediatric patients and to (2) train students in the management of healthy and ill pediatric patients, from learning normal child development and the physical exam to managing common pediatric conditions and the psychosocial aspects of health.

CCC – MGH Revere Pediatrics

Thursday 5:00pm – 8:30pm

Revere HealthCare Center
300 Ocean Avenue
Revere MA, 02151

CCC – Nashua Street Jail

CCC- Nashua Street Jail hours are TBD. Check back for updates!

Nashua Street Jail
200 Nashua St.
Boston, MA 02114.

Dr. Jackie Moss

Dr. Jackie Moss

Dr. Matt Tobey

*CCC – Nashua Street Jail is not currently accepting volunteers*

CCC has developed a partnership with one of the Suffolk County Jails, the Nashua Street Jail (NSJ) near MGH, where we have established a weekly student-faculty collaborative jail-based clinic. The NSJ is a men’s facility where people stay for a period of time ranging from several days to two years. The majority of individuals in the jail are pre-trial or are engaged in court processes, and the transition from jail back to the community can be a particularly perilous time for their health and wellbeing. This clinic focuses on providing compassionate, evidence-based healthcare to patients with a specific emphasis on facilitating the transition to community health care post-release. We are seeking students who are interested in social medicine/social justice, understanding the structural determinants of poor health outcomes, and working with a heavily stigmatized and underserved population. If you are motivated to build your clinical skills while working with this unique group of patients in a collaborative interprofessional setting, this is the site for you!

The NSJ runs a weekly clinic which includes medical, dental, and mental health services as well as teams focused on education and interventions to help with community reintegration. We are seeking students interested in seeing patients in the clinic, participating in healthcare education initiatives and developing research projects (including, but not limited to, chronic and infectious diseases, overdose/addiction treatment experiences and barriers to seeking community healthcare). Our model provides co-located physical and mental care for patients, encouraging communication between teams and emphasizing the necessity of an integrated team-based approach. We begin each clinic session with a group huddle and didactic session before the teams disband, and the evening ends with a group debrief and discussion of relevant topics of interest.

Dr. Jackie Chu

*CCC Chelsea is not currently accepting volunteers*

CCC Chelsea provides multi-specialty services including primary care and mental health services to a predominantly underserved, recent immigrant/refugee population, and formerly incarcerated patients. The clinic specifically targets two groups: individuals who frequently visit the Center’s Urgent Care clinic but have not been able to access routine primary care and individuals who have been recently released from prison. Our team aims to provide high quality care through an innovative model that integrates medical, psychiatric, and social services to meet the complex health and social needs of these patients in and beyond the clinic. Interpretation services are available on site for work with a linguistically diverse population, although proficiency in Spanish and/or Portuguese is preferred in our student volunteers. CCC Chelsea opened for primary care and psychiatry visits in October 2011. Transportation to and from Chelsea is provided for students each clinic night. Patient Population: Patients recently released from prison, Urgent care patients without access to routine primary care

CCC – MGH Chelsea

CCC – MGH Chelsea opportunities are TBD, check back for more updates!

Chelsea HealthCare Center
151 Everett Avenue
02150 Chelsea , MA