*Please be advised that CCC-Chelsea and Nashua Street Jail are not currently taking volunteers.*

1. What CCC positions do students “normally” apply for?
This will be heavily dependent on the student. Most new clinical students will apply for the JC/IC role in order to build their clinical skills. However, many will also work in non-clinical roles such as operations or research. Undergraduates apply for a variety of non-clinical roles depending on their interests.

2. What is the minimum commitment to work with CCC?
We ask that volunteers spend one clinic night a month (at least) at a CCC site.

3.  Can I volunteer in multiple capacities?
Of course! We would love to have you volunteer with us as much as you’d like. There is a spot on the application to indicate additional positions you are interested in. Please contact the staffing director with any questions.

4. When is the application deadline?
The fall 2021 CCC volunteer application is now closed.