About Volunteering at CCC
We are always looking for enthusiastic and dedicated students to be a part of our clinic. Applications for volunteers are solicited three times a year during the fall (early August), winter (early November) and summer (early March). All applicants are expected to attend a mandatory training session and accept the Volunteer Agreement if selected which elaborates on CCC's staffing cycles, process, and commutment to protecting confidential information. Priority will be given to students who have been previously involved with Crimson Care and who have previously applied to volunteer. Questions, comments and concerns can be emailed to our staffing coordinator at hmscccstaff@gmail.com.
Apply to Volunteer
Applicants can choose 3 distinct tracks:
1. Basic Clinical Track:
Student volunteers in the Basic Clinical Track will be expected to attend clinic once per month, as assigned by the site staffing director. Responsibilities of Junior Clinicians will be to interview patients, practice the physical exam, and assist the Senior Clinician in evaluating patients during the clinic session. Junior Clinicians will also learn to formally present patients to their Senior Clinician and Attending.
2. Intensive Clinical Track: 
Student volunteers in the Intensive Clinical Track will be expected to attend clinic twice per month, as assigned by the site staffing director. The responsibilities and expectations for students in this track are the same as in the Basic track. In addition, this experience offers opportunities for more clinical exposure and longitudinal patient care. 
3. Healthcare Innovation Track:
Student volunteers in the Healthcare Innovation Track will be expected to attend clinic twice per month: one session will involve seeing patients, and the second session will be an innovation workshop in which students work in teams on a project, mentored by the site’s faculty preceptor. This track is for students who have dual interests in patient care and quality improvement/innovation and who are energized to drive improvement efforts at their clinic site. Students from nonclinical schools (e.g. Harvard College, PhD programs) are eligible for this program and would simply work on their projects twice per month in clinic instead of having one patient care session and one project session. 

CCC Fall 2015 aplication schedule is as follows:

  • Opens on 8/17/15
  • Closes on 8/24/15
  • Offers released on 09/07/15
  • Deadline to accept offer on 09/09/15
  • Mandatory site trainings follow on various dates throughout September
  • 1st day of Fall clinics on 10/06/15

Please view our site descriptions before applying.


Mandatory training will be held individually at each site on the following dates (TBA). New volunteers are required to attend before serving.