Crimson Care is committed to researching our approach to patient care. Student-faculty collaborative clinics provide a unique opportunity to explore improvements in the field. We strongly believe in the value of reflecting upon our protocols, patient demographics, and clinical outcomes to consistently montior and evaluate our services. Research conducted at our sites can improve care locally and around the country. 

A brief cross-section of our research endeavors are listed below.


Journal Articles

Berman R, Powe C, Carnevale J, Chao A, Knudsen J, Nguyen A, Edgman-Levitan S. The crimson care collaborative: a student-faculty initiative to increase medical students' early exposure to primary care careers and clinic operations. Acad Med. 2012 May;87(5):651-5.

Oral Presentations 

Huppert L, Elman S, Dempsey K,  Qin P, Donelan K, Berman R.  Assessing Patient Experience of Care at a Student Run Clinic and Methods to Improve Patient Response Rates. Plenary oral presentation.  Society for General Internal Medicine Conference.  New Haven, CT. March 8, 2013.

Poster Presentations 

Elman S, Wang L, Bachorik A, Huppert L, Palaniappa N, Simchoni N, Spinelli M, Thomas DC, Berman R, Meah YS. “Student-Run Clinics as Medical Student Scholarly Homes for General Internal Medicine.” Society of General Internal Medicine National Meeting.  Denver, CO. April 26, 2013.

A. Thakkar, T. Hobbs, A. Olszewski, T. E. Chang, A. Keuroghlian, M. L. Hunter, J. Zeidman, M. J. Cohen. Implementing IMPACT, a Model for Integrated Behavioral Health and Primary Care, in a Student- Faculty Collaborative Primary Care Clinic: An Approach for Psychiatry Education

Qin P, Dempsey K, Huppert L, Berman R. Chronic Disease Care at the IMA Crimson Care Collaborative: A Study of Bridge-To-Care Patients with Hypertension. Poster presentation. Presented at the MA ACP Poster Day, October 27, 2012.

*Honorable Mention Award, Student Poster - Research


O’Brien JL, Schiavoni KH. Training Clinical Volunteers. Workshop, New England Society of Student-Run Free Clinics Conference, New York, NY, Oct 2011